My interest is in helping acquisition and retention of history, science, and evidence-based cause-effect thinking, particularly in middle-school students. I have built a successful app from working with a middle-school science teacher and student (Science 8, available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Kindle Fire App Store), and am looking for a partner to try out some other ideas.

I am willing to build a custom app for an educator or publisher with a good idea, or to work with an educator to get evidence for the effectiveness of my approach, shown in my reusable app Puddle Hopping.

If you are an educator or even publisher for middle school (especially history, science, and even literature) willing to work with me to test out my ideas or have an idea of your own for how an app can help your students learn, please contact me ( There is no cost, no obligation, no technical work for you.

The basic proposition of Puddle Hopping is that if students give ‘research reports’ in the form of a spreadsheet (eg, a list of events, to whatever detail is appropriate for the assignment), I can load the reports into a simple game framework for everyone to play and share. This can be used to showcase the research and also to help learn or ‘rehearse’ the topic. The framework is the app Puddle Hopping, in all app stores, also available as a web app at

If I build a version specifically for you and your students, it will be packaged such that it can be placed on your school server, or hosted on my server.