Crow Scientist is a free app (also ad-free) available in Google Play and Apple App stores. The app asks young students to observe crows the way a scientist might and is designed to support simple science projects. What behaviors do they exhibit? How do they interact with each other? Why do a few crows look so dorky?

Built with content from and in collaboration with the ‘Crow Professor’ John Marzluff at U Washington and ‘Lead Crow Scientist’ Colleen Marzluff, designed by award-winning author of the science book for young scientists, Grandmother Fish, Jonathan Tweet, Crow Scientist uses images, audio, and video from the Marzluff’s personal libraries and elsewhere. The app helps young scientists learn how to pay attention to crow behavior.

Crow Scientist is in flight! Follow these links to the app stores:

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App development and support are by Phosphor Learn.

Submitted Crow Art

Click on the title to go to a page of crow art submitted by Crow Science students.

The app needs a photo of “Dropping hard food”. If you have a good photo of that behavior, we would love to use it in the app. To submit art or photos for possible use in the app or to share:

For teachers and students who want to do a science project observing crows, here is a checklist to print and take into the field or discuss in class.

Crow observation checklist from the Crow Scientist app

Crow Scientist Screenshots