Play … and learning happens

Above all, we create games that are fun to play. Our games require players to use knowledge from the game in order to win. The more players learn, the the better they play, and the more fun they have.

Many of our games are cooperative. Working together encourages discussion, and this increases everyone’s learning.

The topics we choose for our games are ones that we find interesting. We are not limited to a single subject, we simply follow our current interests. These have spanned the immune system, the history of science, economics, and fighting forest fires… so far.

We use the scientific meaning of ‘serendipity’ which is the discovery and recognition of something important or interesting when looking for something else. We aspire to engineer games that facilitate serendipitous learning.

Checkpoint therapy (also called anti-PD1). Art custom drawn by Kateryna Kon. This therapy has provided me with a miracle remission for now.

We do not build ‘education games’ and are not interested in ‘edutainment’. With meaningful content and a little illumination, playing is learning, and learning is fun.

Our Science 8 app (published under Ideate Games, our app and R&D imprint) is mentioned in a feature article: Top Education Related Games (Hidden Gems) by Kevin White. The article can be found at

You helped us launch our first game!

We have been prototyping these games with our friends and family and are excited to share them with more people. We have 4 games ready to go and two others in final play-testing.

Funded! Forest Fire! was fully funded through Kickstarter (thank you all!) and will be released in the coming weeks. The game is available through a distributor (, the link will take you to that store presence.